Customer Testimonials

Here is a small sample of what our customers are saying about us. Please call us at (800) 905-3443 to connect with any of our satisfied customers.

“I was in search of a steel framed cover for an above ground wastewater treatment plant. Empire Steel was very accommodating in both providing an ideal solution and amiable to the restrictive purchasing rules that I was required to adhere to. We now own two of these structures and they have been in place for approximately one and a half years. We are very pleased with their performance, and low maintenance requirements.”

Mike Scarboro, Civil engineer, California

“I purchased a 125′ x 40′ steel building kit on September 4, 2002. There were six overhead doors on each building. The sales staff was very professional and answered all my questions no matter how big or small. The delivery of the package was on time. I subbed the erection of the building to a local contractor. The building kit was labeled or marked for every piece as indicated on the prints supplied by Empire Steel. The building was erected in less than two weeks, in the dry. Overhead doors were installed by a local door company. I asked the contractor if he would ever do this again. He stated he certainly would and asked for the name and address of the manufacturer of the building kit, because he will start building or bidding on projects that he may have in the future. I would recommend this steel building kit to anyone that would ask me for a reference on this company.”

Lacy Francis, Jr. Superintendent of Public Works Dept. Warsaw, IN

“My business with Empire Steel Buildings, and with Mike Beeler in Particular, has been a very positive experience. This building replaces a wood frame, corrugated metal building that burned down in 2003. The building materials were delivered in good condition, and on time. The plans were excellent from the anchor bolt setting to the erection, with no complaints from either the concrete or erection contractors. Thank you Mike for all your help and for accepting my calls to explain the different aspects of my purchase and delivery of the building.”

Dean Sherman, Concord, CA

“Empire Steel was the most responsive company when we had questions or needed to make changes in the specifications for our quote. Unlike other companies, when we requested a change, Empire Steel did not make other unrequested changes to minimize their cost impact. They delivered the building on time and immediately resolved an issue with the insulation supplier. Their final cost was the lowest of those we considered. Brian Hortin stayed on top of our order and made sure we were satisfied.”

Clyde Jackson, River Bend Volunteer Fire Dept., Bradley, AK

“Being out here in the middle of the Pacific (Island of Kauai, Hawaii), we contacted several steel building companies across the U.S. Only a handful even responded to our request for information. By far, the most immediate and complete response was from Empire Steel Buildings out of San Diego, CA from a Ron Jones. Ron turned out to be just the right man you’d want on your team. Our request was for a rather large custom building – mind you, we had no experience at all with erecting steel buildings. We’d send Ron our “drawings” and he’d respond usually a day or less with his version of our request. Everything we asked for he was able to incorporate in the building package. Long story short, we agreed on a plan, received a quote and sent in our deposit. We received the three (3) sets of detailed plans (all 28 pages each) and began the process of approval with the county which took well over a year. All that time, Ron stayed in touch. Once we received approval, things moved along as scheduled and in short order a 40’ flat rake container arrived with the entire building neatly loaded and labeled. Not really knowing what to expect, we were amazed. Those massive red structural beams and rafters, the quality of all the other material (down to the stainless steel pop rivets), just kept us pleasantly surprised and overjoyed. “You pay for what you get” folks, and Empire Steel Buildings does not disappoint. The building now up and it’s much more than we expected – it’s quality, it’s beauty and it’s terrific. Much thanks to Empire Steel Buildings, their employees and especially Ron Jones for making our dream come true.”

Jo Ann R., Island of Kauai, Hawaii

“I showed another officer at my station the whole process of getting a building from the initial search for a supplier, to my connection with you, and the high integrity that you demonstrated. The total time for the process was from mid-November to the middle of January; a time of year with several holidays. I would assume that two months is probably an average time frame. I highly recommend you (and the company) as the place to get a building. Thanks for making this whole process easier than expected, and it was a pleasure doing business with you.”

Scott & Jane Klocker, Yuba City, CA

“I couldn’t have asked for better service than I received from Empire Steel. They were always available for any questions I had and the building came out great. I have had a great experience with Empire Steel and would not hesitate to use them again.”

Joe Kuser, Tulare, CA

“We love the building it turned out great and everyone who sees it can’t believe how well it is built. The wife and I got it up without a hitch. You came through on your end and I never thanked you for doing what you said you would do, got here as scheduled, all parts and some extras. Thanks again.”

Brian Meissner, Perris, CA

“Myself as an owner/builder of my Empire Steel Building was quite pleased with the overall assistance given by the sales staff and project engineers in answering any questions I had in the completion of my building. The building went together without any major problems to speak of.”

Jim Johnson, Fallbrook, CA

“Our experience with Empire Steel has been very positive to this day. We have purchase two buildings from them and quoted more. Their service has been excellent and their product has been one of great quality. In addition, their prices have been very competitive. We are very happy with our relationship with Empire Steel.”

Guillermo, Puerto Rico

“Empire Steel was the only company I spoke to that provided a simple solution to our needs. The price was right and the service was there through the process. My business is located on a busy highway and we have had many people complement our new building and we are completely happy.”

Mark, Indiana

Please call us toll free at (800) 905-3443 to connect with any of our satisfied customers