U Panel

California U Panel Steel Buildings | Empire Built
Product Description

This utility panel with ribs 6″ on centers is especially useful for liners, partitions, soffits, etc., because of its shallower 3/4″ deep ribs and relative ease of erection.

Gauge: 29, 26, 24, & 22 (29, 24, & 22 GA available in Polar White & Galvalume).

Finish: Galvalume

Lengths: Maximum recommended 40’0″. Longer lengths available on special order.

Manufactured: Houston, Lubbuck, Oklahoma, Dallas, Atlanta, Richmond, Omaha, Memphis, Phoenix, Atwater, Jackson, & Ennis

Usage: Wall panel, liner panel, soffit panel, mansard panel face and back sheet.

  • Galvalume
  • Reverse Rolled Profile
  • Fire Rating
  • Continuous eave to sill until panel exceeds 40′-0 length.
  • Royal K-70 Option
  • Face fastener
  • Embossed Texture
  • Optional Bearing Leg
  • Perforated Condition
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Places color on the reverse side of the panel yields a flat profile appearance with fasteners recessed in flutes.
  • Panel carries a UL “Class A” fire rating.
  • Attractive with no end laps, and ease of erection.
  • Premium paint finish with 20 year warranty, ultimate resistance to color changes and chalk.
  • Yields diaphragm capabilities and girt stability.
  • Embossing the metal reduces glare and the potential for oil-canning.
  • An optional bearing leg is available to guarantee sidelap engagement.
  • Ventilation or acoustical applications.