Simple Eave Trim
Empire Built Simple Eave Trim
Sculpted Eave Trim
Sculpted Eave Trim
Product Description

Empire Steel offers many different types of trim. Empire Steel has the ability to manufacture trim to meet virtually any specification. The following list of trim is a small sampling of the different variations Empire Steel has to offer:

Eave Trim
  • Simple Eave Trim
  • Sculpted Eave Trim
  • Eave Gutter
  • Box Gutter
  • Type I Gutter
  • High Side Eave Trim
  • Low Side Eave Trim
Base Trim
  • Base Angle
  • Formed Base Trim
  • Base Flash
Other Trim Types
  • Rake Trim
  • Angle Trim
  • Corner Trim
  • Inside Corner Trim
  • Starter Trim
  • Jamb Trim
  • Head Trim
  • Head Trim Door & Window Trim
  • Tie-In Trim
  • Roof Conversion Trim
Gutter Trim
Gutter Trim
  • Mitered Corners on all trim.
  • Hems on appropriate legs.
  • Gutter, Rake, & Downspouts
  • Optional Northern Gutter System
  • Yield of steel is 50k material versus 80k material.
  • All trim is press broken
  • All trim is press broken
  • Provide twenty foot lengths on most trim.
  • Appearance
  • Improved Appearance
  • Offered in all standard colors to match wall color.
  • Placement of gutter to prevent ice damage and comes with optional overflow slot in the back of the gutter. Extra fasteners and straps provided to carry barrier loads.
  • Prevents cracking at the bends and improve appearance.
  • Custom trim available for special order, virtually any shape available.
  • Can often match competitor’s shapes.
  • Eliminates laps for better appearance and ease of erection.