Weather Roof III (WRIII)

Weather Roof III (WRIII)

Product Description A metal standing seam roofing product attached to sub-framing using a variety of concealed, interlocking clips that provide for minimum panel penetrations. This panel can be used on new construction as well as
retro-fit on existing structures. This panel design provides a high degree of weather tightness and has been tested by independent laboratories in accordance with ASTM E283 and E331 (for air infiltration, water penetration, and wind uplift).

Gauge: 24 and 22 (by special request only)

Lengths: 50′ maxium is standard but longer lengths available by special request.

Weather Roof

Fasteners: Concealed fastening system. The clips are available as floating or fixed. Two different clip heights are available to allow for thermal blocks.

Finish: Galvalume and Architectural Series

Manufactured: Houston, Caryville, Mattoon, Rome, Salt Lake City and Atwater

Usage: New and retro fit applications.

Limitations: Recommended for roof slopes of 1/4:12 or greater. When using the fixed clip we recommend for double slope buildings 200′ wide or less and single slope buildings 100′ wide or less.(May vary upon extreme weather conditions.)
Oil-canning is not a reason for rejection.

Feature Benefit
No panel penetration is required over the building envelope other than at the end laps, and panel ends which are connected by a compression joint. Specially designed to seal out the elements.
Panel side laps arrive at the job site containing a sealant. Contributes to the system’s weather tight construction and ease of erection.
Optional weather tightness warranty. Severe weather tightness and additional customer confidence.
Factory notched at both ends with pre-punched holes. Field installation can commence or finish from either end of building.
End laps have a 16 GA. backup plate with pre-punched holes. Solid connection at end laps and proper fastener spacing. The pre-punched holes improve erection and ensures proper panel placement.
High or Low Clips Accommodates variety of insulation systems including 1″ thermal spacers at the purlin.
UL 90 Lower Insurance Costs
80% less exposed fasteners than traditional side lap panels and all fasteners are long life. Increased Weather Tightness
Panel available Royal K-70 paint system 20 year finish warranty
The side lap has been tested for air infiltration and water penetration under ASTM E283 and E331 methods Minimal air infiltration and water penetration and acceptability among specifiers.

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