Retro R Panel

Product Description

SRetro-R, the new patented retrofit roof system from NCI, is the fastest and most economical solution to your reroofing dilemma. This one-step setup is designed for easy installation over your existing metal roof.
Retro-R is cost effective with savings up to 50% over other roofing solutions. And because it is so easy to install, Retro-R will not interrupt the normal course of your business. Retro-R is available in a wide variety of colors or with a Galvalume finish. Let Retro-R save the day, by saving time and money.

Gauge: 29

Finishes: Galvalume and Commercial – Industrial Series

Fasteners: * NCI recommends a “Long life fastener” * NCI does not recommend self-drilling fasteners.


RWP Profile

Manufactured at: Jackson

Usage: Retro-R is an environmentally safe, cost-effective retro-fit solution that will cover over the existing leaky roof.

  • Not to be installed over open framing and requires original R Panel to be structurally sound.
Retro R Installation| EmpireBuilt
  • Environmentally safe, cost-effective retro-fit solution.
  • Retro-R is designed to be installed over existing “R” type roof panels.
  • Retro-R utilizes the existing “R” panel deck to alleviate the need for any additional subframing, structural components or expensive material tear-off.
  • Factory applied vapor barrier.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Cover existing out-of- module systems.
  • Cover over an existing leaky roof.
  • No material tear-off.
  • Because of this characteristic, the panel end-lap does not have to occur in close proximity to the structural roof support.
  • Designed to reduce condensation.
  • Existing roof is a solid work surface which reduces labor costs.
  • Sloves difficult situations.