Artisan 1

Artisan Series Roof panel

Product Description The simplicity of the Artisan Series panel is its best design feature. Uniform dimensions and clean appearance allow the designer to plan modules, eliminate complicated pieces, and follow wall curvatures.

Gauge: 26, 24, & 22 (26 & 22 gauge may require minimum quantity)

Finish: Galvalume & Polar White (Smooth or Embossed Texture with or without stiffner breaks).

Lengths: Maximum recommended 40’0″

Fasteners: Concealed fastening system. Artisan Series panels use the Positive fastening method and are attached directly to the substructure. The fastener is concealed behind the flush face.

Dimensions: 8″, 10″, & 12″ wide by 1″ high.

Artisan Series panel 1 Artisan Series panel 2 Artisan Series panel3 artisan-series

Manufactured at: Atwater, Atlanta, Memphis, Houston, Dallas, Omaha, & Phoenix

Usage: The Artisan panels are used for soffits and interior liners.

Limitations: Not recommended for external wall application.

Feature Benefit
Concealed Fastener Panel Attractive Architectural Application
Polar White 20 year polyester color warranty.
Available flat or with optional 2 minor pencil ribs. Aesthetic appearance and the ribs reduce oil canning.
The Artisan 1 is flat. The profile is easy to clean.

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