IPS Rockwall

Insulated Rockwall Stone-Coated TecFoam Wall Panels

IPS Rockwall
Product Description

All of IPS’s wall panels are available with the Rockwall Finish system. IPS Rockwall gives you the advantage of steel wall panel construction with the durable beauty of stone aggregate. The Rockwall process bonds real stone aggregate to steel panels with a super adhesive system. A clear sealer gives the finished panel a crisp glazed appearance.

Gauges: 24 and 26

Finish: Sand Rock and Granite Rock

Lengths: Max 20′

Fasteners: Concealed with clips

Dimensions: Wide: 36″; Thick: 2″ – 4″

Rockwall Panel

Manufactured at: IPS – Stafford, TX

Usage: The rockwall finish is available on all IPS Panel Profiles:

  • For wall applications only.
  • Foam thickness of 2, 2 ?, 3, & 4″
  • Complete Load/ Span tables available.
  • Excellent test results for air leakage and water penetration through panel joint.
  • Good Surface burning characteristics.
  • Concealed fasteners with clips.
  • Excellent insulating properties providing R values from 13.7 to 27.1
  • Allows designer to make proper use of panel span capabilities.
  • Confirming weather tightness in compliance with specifications.
  • Complies with model building codes for foam plastics.
  • Provides a contemporary alternative to exposed fasteners.