IPS ESP Insulated Panel

IPS ESP Insulated Panel

Product Description This architecturally pleasing panel is ideal for commercial applications. Low profile exterior structure and offset lap joint with concealed fasteners give ESP panels an attractive appearance for vertical applications.
The panel is designed to module on 36″ width.

Gauges: 22, 24, and 26 (22 gauge minimum order required).

Finish: Surfaces are stucco embossed, Rockwall Stone-Coated, Silicone polyester, and Fluorocarbon polymer, IPS Color Chart

Lengths: Max 48′ – 0

Fasteners: Concealed with clips at side joints.

Dimensions: Wide: 36″; Thick: 2″, 2 ?”, 3″, & 4″


Manufactured at: IPS – Stafford, TX

Usage: ESP is an architecturally pleasing economical insulated wall system.

Limitations: Load/span tables for wind loads are available upon request.

Feature Benefit
Foam thickness of 2, 2 ?, 3, & 4″ Excellent insulating properties providing R values from 13.7 to 27.1
Complete Load/ Span tables available. Allows designer to make proper use of panel span capabilities.
Excellent test results for air leakage and water penetration through panel joint. Confirming weather tightness in compliance with specifications.
Good Surface burning characteristics. Complies with model building codes for foam plastics.
Concealed fasteners with clips. Provides a contemporary alternative to exposed fasteners.
Lightly striated design. Gives a flat appearance for most architectural and commercial applications.

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