Parapet Walls

Parapet Walls
Product Description

This accessory allows you to add parapet walls to one or more walls. Parapet walls differ from mansards/facades in that parapet walls have no projection. The wall panels below the roof line continue past the eave line to a given elevation. Parapet walls include 14ga pre-galvanized parapet gutter when located on a sidewall (except at the high side of a Single-Slope or Lean-to building).

Gauges: Varies dependent on design loads.

Lengths: Maxium height above eave and peak is 6′-0″

Dimensions: Varies dependent on building design.

Usage: Aesthetic application.

  • A parapet on a sidewall creates a situation where parapet gutter is located inside the building, which may be prone to leak.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing.
  • Covers eave and rake.
  • Economical way to spruce up any building.
  • Aesthetically Appealing.