Mansard / Facade

Steel Buildings Wall Panel Mansard / Facade
Product Description

A decorative trim or panel system projecting from the face of a wall panel.

Gauges:Varies dependent on design loads.

Finishes: Red Oxide Primer.

Lengths: Varies dependent on building design and appearance requirements.

Dimensions: 3:12 slope typical on mansards.

Usage: Aesthetic application.

  • Soffit elevation must be at least 2′-0″ below eave, minimum projection is 1′-6″, maximum projection is 6′-0″, and maximum height is 9′-0″. Mansard/fascia must be 6″ higher than the peak on the endwall and 6″ higher than the eave on the sidewall.
  • Furnished with or without header and jamb cover trim.
  • Cost versus aesthetics.