Framed Openings

Empire Built Metal Buildings Framed Openings
Product Description

This accessory is used to open portions of a wall that are normally used for access. Framed opening refers to the framing members and flashing which surround an opening. Framed Openings include: Jambs, Header or Sill, Trim, and fasteners.

Double Header: Option (see below) will provide a double header, used in the attachment of some roll-up doors. This second header must be field located.

Full Cover Trim: Provides head and jamb cover trim and sill trim if applicable, so that no red iron is visible at the opening.

Gauges: N/A

Finishes: Red Oxide Primer and Pre-galvanized (Pre-Galvanized indicates that all of the jamb and header or sill material for this framed opening will be manufactured from pre-galvanized material.)

Usage: Frame out doors, windows, louvers, and any other openings.

  • With a bypass girt condition the header has to drop 8″ to 10″ below the eave strut and with a flush girt condition the header only has to drop 3 1/2″ below the eave strut. The jamb has to be located at least 1′ 6″” off a column line.
  • Exercise caution with framed opening in an endwall, the endposts may have to be relocated to accommodate opening. Also, exercise caution with framed openings in a sidewall, bracing may have to be relocated to accommodate opening and special doors may be required in low clearance areas.
  • Furnished with or without header and jamb cover trim.
  • Cost versus aesthetics.