Steel Buildings Canopies

Product Description

An overhanging or projecting roof structure with the extreme end usually unsupported.

Gauges: N/A

Finishes: Red Oxide Primer (Structural Members) Face Panel and Soffit vary with panel type.

Fabricated: at all plants.

Usage: Aesthetic application or to cover driveway or walkway.


  • Can project out 15′ unsupported.
  • Canopies over 7′ have Cantilever Beam with Exposed Red Iron.
  • Larger canopy sizes available by special design and engineering.
Feature Benefit
Aesthetically Pleasing Economical way to spruce up any building.
Covers Eave and Rake Aesthetically Appealing
Protected Overhang Can provide pedestrian protection at building sidewall from rain and snow.

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