Hybrid Structures

Product Description

Our hybrid structures blend the efficiency of pre engineered construction with the strength of conventional steel. This means we meet your heavy duty requirements at the most reasonable cost possible.

Box Girders: Precision box girders that can be used to support cranes or other heavy loads and provide open spans of 70 feet or more between columns.

Gauge: N/A

Finishes: Red Oxide Primer

Usage: We can design, engineer, and manufacture virtually everything required for hybrid structures, no matter how large or complex. We have complete in house engineering and computer design groups dedicated to hybrid structures. Manufacturing facilities include roll forming, welding, and shearing equipment, and continuous-run processing for uniform quality and measurement accuracy. Our highly automated equipment can produce custom-designed, as well as standard components, with equal precision.

Limitations: All Hybrid Structures are treated uniquely, limitations can change based on the complexity of the project.